CURVY AVVIE at Ample Avi

June 12, 2014 Comments off

CURVY AVVIE, a new lush shape at Ample Avi.

Curvy Avvie at Ample Avi Shapes

Originally released in December 2013, as the Peace on Earth Hunt gift, and now available in a mod-copy version.

CURVY AVVIE, at Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop.

A Giant Step Backward

May 16, 2014 Comments off

Like everyone else, I have been anxiously awaiting the new avatars. Because every time new avatars have been released, they have been better than the ones before them. But not this time. Avatar shape creation in SL has just taken a giant step backward.

The female avatars are interesting, fascinating to watch, just like with any new toy. The hands are much prettier than previous avatars – that is a plus – they just look too big for the body.

But these mesh avatars are not attractive in face or form. Their skin and eyes are much like the starter avatar back in 2007, when I joined SL [remember Ruth?]. That was before residents started creating beautiful eyes and skin. And these shapes remind me of female steroid jocks. There is nothing soft or curvy about them. Worst of all, you cannot modify them. That is right, NO MOD.

The single most important thing we want in our avatars is the ability to modify our shapes. We want to make them look like us, or some idealized version of ourselves. So, we tweak our shapes for years, until we are satisfied with the shape, then we periodically tweak them a bit more.

Now, the guys usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to new avatar shapes. But, this time, they actually came out ahead. A couple of the male avatars are not bad at all. But, again, no mod?

The creature avatars are the best use of mesh for shapes. They do not need to be modified. Photographers will enjoy shooting them. But other than for photographs and role playing, I do not see these new mesh avatars as any type of improvement in our daily SL lives.

It is a good thing the classic avatars are still available. We need to always have a choice between the no mod mesh avatars and the modifiable classic avatars. Even though Linden Lab may have taken a giant step backward in avatar evolution, we will not.

For All The Mothers

May 9, 2014 Comments off

Sunday, May 11th, is Mother’s Day in the USA. Children all across the states are trying to keep secret plans for special gifts and events to celebrate the day [with a little help from Dad, of course].

In the spirit of the day, Ample Avi has created a new mature looking shape [MAMA MIA] for women in SL. It will be sent out as a group gift on Sunday. So, be sure you have your notices turned on.


If you are not yet a member of Ample Avi Updates, you still have time to join before the group is temporarily closed for distribution of the gift [it will re-open in two weeks]. You can join at the Ample Avi shop, or find the group through search.

For all the mothers, those still with us and those who will never be forgotten, in First Life or in Second Life — Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Release the Kraken!

April 22, 2014 Comments off

Ebbe Linden, CEO of Linden Lab, has stated that Linden Lab employees are being encouraged to spend time in SL. He is, in essence, releasing the Kraken* [the Lindens] upon the residents of Second Life.

But before he throws the gates wide open, it might be wise to become familiar with just exactly what image these employees are showing to the world, and what the employees are saying about Linden Lab by their appearance

Previously, when the Lindens did roam Second Life, one Linden, in particular, would appear in a dominatrix outfit, leather, chains and all. What does this say about the kind of company Linden Lab is? Now, this Linden was a very nice, helpful person, but the outfit was a bit beyond the pale when that employee represented Linden Lab in business matters.

Business 101 – Dress for Success: Appearance is Everything.
Ebbe Linden seems to dress politically correct – casual or business wear – as the occasion requires. So, I have faith that he is vetting his employees, to include their appearance and SL profiles, to see who they are when they are in SL.

Most of us have alts to do the wild and crazy things we want to do. The Lindens also have alts. In their off hours, the Lindens are not Lindens, per se. They are just regular residents, like all of us. They have a right to be whoever or whatever they wish. But special interest groups and hobbies should be restricted to the alts, and not carried over to the Linden avatar.

Because when you are a Kraken (in this instance, a Linden), you need to look like a Kraken and behave like a Kraken.

So, go ahead, Mr. CEO, if they are ready for us, we are ready for them. Relea-s-s-s-e the Kraken!

*Kraken – mythical creature, esp. Norse mythology

Ample Avi – Moving Gift

March 21, 2014 Comments off

Warning! Commercial blog coming up. Feel free to skim right past this blog or check it out for the information it contains.

AMPLE AVI has moved to the Pryeri sim. Xme Xue, owner, stated that after six years at the last location, she is ready for a new view out of the shop windows. And the new view is a lighthouse and lots of water. Nice!

As a moving-in gift [FREE], Ample Avi has set out a new, as yet, unreleased shape in the curvy slim line. This one is aptly called, “Curvy Slim.”

Curvy Slim - Ample Avi

So, stop by and check out Ample Avi’s new location, and pick up your FREE gift shape, located by the counter downstairs.

Note: If anyone is interested, the looks-like-cotton-candy hair in the photo is from TRUTH Hair [London w/Roots - barbie].

Outlet Shops – Quality and Affordability

March 19, 2014 Comments off

It seems everywhere I go now, outlet shops are appearing next to or behind main stores. Top designers of skin, hair and eyes are offering their older designs in outlet shops, at a reduced price.

Newcomers to SL are most interested in these three things, and these outlet shops are an excellent source of affordable, good quality items for noobies. Also, it makes the items available to oldbies, when they want to pick up an extra copy of an old favorite.

The fashion industry in SL is king, with new items appearing daily. It is this fashion industry that keeps the economy of Second Life healthy and strong. But for the many who are not interested in following the latest trend, but just want to look good, the outlet shops are the answer.

As Martha Stewart would say, “It is a good thing.”

A Hunting We Will Go … or Not.

February 22, 2014 Comments off

Remember this? Remember the big red lips? This photo was taken in February 2009. It was the first big grid-wide hunt, the Vain, Inc. Kiss Hunt.

Mick Jagger

This is the one that started the hunt madness in SL. And it was a lot of fun. Apparently, other people agreed, because an avalanche of hunts followed thereafter.

Back then, I liked going on hunts. I never finished any of them, but I enjoyed them just the same. Later on, I changed my mind completely. I lost my patience with those who felt a hunter should have to work hard to get the gift, those who went out of their way to hide them in impossible-to-find locations. There are stores I have not visited in years because of the tearing-my-hair-out frustration I experienced on one of their hunts.

I recently finished the sixth annual Peace on Earth Hunt in January. And after all the loose ends were tied up and the hunt put away for another year, I still support this grid-wide hunt. No HUDs are required for this hunt, and there has never been a charge for the gifts, not even one cent. I like it when people keep things simple.

So, I have not changed my thoughts on all hunts, just the majority of them. Maybe, there are just too many hunts. Or, maybe, I have become jaded. After all, I started hunting five years ago.

But one never knows the future. This new year may bring a hunt which attracts me like a moth to a flame, and a hunting I will go … or not.



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