Halloween Promo Shape at Ample Avi

October 23, 2014 Comments off

Halloween is creeping upon us [sneaky little, freaky little holiday]. Events have developed a Halloween theme, designers have created Halloween items, and stores are putting out Halloween specials.

THROE - Halloween PROMO Special

Ample Avi is no exception. A new shape, called THROE, is available for Halloween, at a super-low PROMO price of L$100 until after Halloween. THROE is mod-copy, and is available only at the main store in Pryeri. After Halloween, the shape will be available at the regular price.

THROE means “bad luck” and if you miss out on this Halloween special, it will be your bad luck.

Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop

Take a Walk on the Darkside — of October

October 20, 2014 Comments off

Many people say they love the month of October, when the world is decked out in leaves of the brightest colors. They love the crisp weather, snuggly nights, and wearing layers of keep-me-warm clothing.

But there is another side to October, a darker side.

The dark side of October is the scary season of Halloween, when a person’s inner self feels a bit darker, the dressing all in black, head-to-toe darkness, with a touch of otherworldness.

Vampire Hunter

The dark side of October is that first cold wind coming down from the north, that sends a shiver down your back. It tells you, with a certainty, that those chilly, cutting winter winds are on their way.

The dark side of October is nightfall arriving visibly sooner, and lasting longer each night.

Then, of course, there is the partial eclipse of the sun on Oct. 23. This partial solar eclipse will be visible in most of North America.

Now, that is a real dark side of October.

* * *
NOTE: The above photo is from Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop, and the shape is Lilith.


October 13, 2014 Comments off

The Euclidia Space Planetarium will soon be going up for sale.

Euclidia Space Planetarium

The Planetarium is designed to educate and entertain SL residents about astronomy and celestial navigation. Simply follow the footsteps and visit the multiple levels for a stylized view of this vast galaxy.

The galaxy is located inside this floating sphere, which has a revolving ring around it. There is a small platform between the sphere and the ring, and you can actually step outside the galaxy onto this platform. But I must warn you, you may experience a touch of vertigo when you do this

Euclidia Planetarium 2

Owned by Hazelee Haller since 2007, the Planetarium has been run as a not-for-profit site, supported entirely by donations. It is listed in the Destination Guide and has always had good traffic, especially from newcomers to SL.

Hazelee stated that she would like to see the Planetarium continue to delight SL residents for years to come. Therefore, she would prefer to sell the property privately to someone who intends to keep the planets in their orbits.

Visit the Euclidia Space Planetarium. And if you are interested in owning your own galaxy, contact Hazelee Haller to discuss terms.

Posting a Few Thoughts [the Widget Shuffle]

September 24, 2014 Comments off

How did everything become so difficult, when all I wanted to do was just post a few thoughts?

This is what happened. I decided to update my blog, and give it a fresh new look. I started by adding a Destination Guide link with photo. At least, I tried to add the Destination Guide link.

Now, this should have been easy. I have done it before, a couple of years ago. First of all, the Destination Guide gives you the code you need. All you have to do is paste it into a simple widget, and drag it to the side bar. Easy, right?

But when I went to the widgets section, I was in for a shock. There were pages and pages of widgets available, some I had never heard of, some I knew but had never used, others I had no interest in learning about or using.

I tried deleting the widgets I did not want, and ended up deleting half the things I already had on my blog sidebar. I could not find a way to put in the new infomation I wanted or to even put back the information I had lost.

In desperation, I changed my theme back to the simple theme I had used in 2008. I thought I could make all the changes I wanted there. Well, surprise, surprise! My original theme had been updated and now had the same pages and pages of unknown and unwanted widgets.

So, I switched back to my latest theme and, thanks be to the muses of blogging, most of my missing information in the sidebar had returned. At that point, I decided to quit and just be grateful for what I still had and not worry about what I had lost.

Of course, after all this shuffling back and forth, I had no idea whether my links and feeds still worked. So, if you do not see this post, then you will know my feeds are not working. And I will have to start this whole crazy widget shuffle all over again.

But, again, I ask, “How did everything become so difficult”? Oh, how I long for those days of yesteryear, when blogging was simply a matter of connecting with a blog muse and just posting a few thoughts.

Swiss Cheese People in Second Life

August 27, 2014 Comments off

At a fairly crowded event in SL recently, I noticed that about half the people there were either naked [mesh clothing would not rez] or in pieces [mesh parts did not rez]. When I see people in pieces like that, it makes me think of Swiss Cheese, with a hole here and a hole there. Now, Swiss Cheese may look great on a sandwich but it does not look so great on an avatar.

For example, here I am strutting my stuff in all my mesh glory. My lovely little mesh dress and my gorgeous mesh feet rez beautifully in my viewer.

Swiss Cheese - mesh 1

But other people may see me like this, even those with mesh-enabled viewers.

Swiss Cheese - mesh 2

Swiss Cheese - mesh 3

Put these all together and I have become one of the Swiss Cheese people in SL. But if I am going to be a Swiss Cheese person, I much prefer a bit of uniformity in the holes in my body.

Swiss Cheese - Freme

Rubby Clip created a classy “holes-intended” avatar, the Freme Girl avatar, for the Meta Body II exhibit at Delicatessen in Porto. It is a complete avatar and it is free. However, to create the neat look in this photo, I used only the Freme Girl red and blue skin and the Freme Girl alpha with my own body shape.

I will never have to worry about mesh rezzing again. And although I may be one of the Swiss Cheese people in SL, it definitely looks great on my avatar.

New Release at Ample Avi

August 20, 2014 Comments off

Lossy - Curvy Slim

LOSSY – a new addition to the Curvy Slim line of shapely avatars at Ample Avi – smaller and slimmer, a modifiable classic avatar shape.

LOSSY – at Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop.

Also available on SL Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/38729

Lost in Second Life

August 12, 2014 Comments off


I have just finished a marathon viewing of the series “Lost” [which will soon be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the show's broadcast premiere on September 22, 2004]. I had checked out the pilot episode, for old times’ sake. But like before, I found myself watching episode after episode, all the way to the end.

What, you may ask, has this got to do with Second Life, or any virtual world?

When I discovered Second Life, in 2007, the SL mainland was like an island, and I had crash landed there. I did not know where to go, what to do, or how to do it. I was quite literally “Lost” in Second Life.

A couple of Mentor greeters found me. They welcomed me, answered my questions, and taught me basic survival skills. More importantly, they gave me their calling cards and said I could contact them any time I needed assistance. Armed with that lifeline, I began to explore my new island home.

I discovered a number of smaller islands adjacent to my home island. Living on these islands were people who had crashed there before my time, and others whose origins were vague.

When wild island beasts [griefers] invaded my beach encampment in the middle of the night, I reached out to those Mentor helpers. Without hesitation, they gave assistance. After all, that is what Mentors do, regardless of whether it is your first day or your seventh year.

Now, a lot has been written about resident retention and the best way to assist with the new resident experience. In my experience, nothing works better that the one-on-one, person-to-person method.

It is time to bring back the Second Life Mentors. They are experienced castaways who have helped many new arrivals discover the island mystery which is Second Life. SL Mentors are the first line of defense when new residents are in danger of becoming permanently lost in Second Life.


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