Crop Tops and Flip Flops

July 9, 2015 Leave a comment

Crop tops and flip flops – I read this phrase in a blog somewhere, and it has stayed with me.

The phrase makes me think of summer days, warm water tides, salty breezes, bright sunlight reflecting off ocean waves, and sizzling sidewalks that blister the feet were it not for the flip flops

And of young ladies with slim tanned tummies peeping out from beneath crop tops, with big straw hats and large sun shades, and white teeth showing in the easy smiles on their tanned faces

And golden sun in the early morning, streaming through the window, welcome sun, how quickly we shut it out as we draw the drapes to keep out the heat

It is summer here in my part of our small world, beach weather, and a time for crop tops and flip flops.

I am a Blogger

June 12, 2015 Leave a comment

There is a new fun quiz going around [created by Pho Vinternatt aka photos.nikolaidis] which will determine which type of Second Life person you are [take test here]. I decided to take the quiz. The result? I am a Blogger. The description was nothing like me at all, but the photo was spot on.

I am a Blogger

photo by Torley Linden

But now I am wondering what else I could have been. So, I take the test again, choosing the first answer to each set of questions. “You are a Creator.” Cool.

I take the test a third time, and I choose the second answer to each set of questions. “You are a Sex Tourist.” Yeah!

This is fun. I could do this again and again. But, maybe, I should quit while I am ahead. Next time, the quiz may say, “You are a very confused person.”

I am satisfied now. It is official. I am a Blogger. But I could have been a Creator or a Sex Tourist.

Ample Avi – Summer Sale

June 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Ample Avi - Summer Sale

Ample Avi is holding a Summer Sale during the months of June, July, and August. Shapes which have been marked down are available in the Sales Room, which is on the left, as you enter the store. This Summer Sale extends to the Marketplace, as well.

Once the sale ends on August 31st, everything in the Sales Room will be retired from the inworld store, to make room for new shapes.

And, for those of you who are not yet members of the Ample Avi Updates group, there will be no enrollment fee for joining the group during the Summer Sale period.

Stop by the Ample Avi inworld shop or visit Ample Avi’s online Marketplace shop, and pick up a new curvy shape, or two, while these shapes are still available.

New Ample Avi Shape for Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015 Leave a comment

Today is Mother’s Day in the USA, the day we pay homage to the Mother, our Mothers. In some areas, we celebrate Eve, First Mother, the mother of all mothers.

To honor Mother’s Day, Ample Avi has released a new shape – aptly named Eve – a full bodied, womanly shape, with luscious lady curves.

Eve - Ample Avi

So, send your mother flowers on this special day. Then, do something special for yourself. Pick up Eve at Ample Avi and flaunt your woman-ness on Mother’s Day.

Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape shop, inworld and on Marketplace.

Avatar Digits and Snowflakes

April 28, 2015 Comments off

Strawberry Singh has put out her annual call for personal avatar digits, the Digits Challenge – Take 5.  And once again,  photos and numbers are pouring in.

Avatar Digits

Now, there are a number of tutorials, rules and tools available to help one make the perfectly proportioned avatar.  But it is obvious from the digits which are being posted to the Digits Flickr Group that people have tossed all the rules and tools out the window.

The wide range in numbers people have used to create their avatars is mind boggling.  There are tall avatars with “0” height, and tiny avatars with “100” legs, large heads on small bodies, small heads on tall bodies, and every conceivable combination of numbers that could not possibly work together.  And yet, the numbers do work.

The shapes we see in this meme are as uniquely different as snowflakes.  No two are the same.  When it came to creating their avatars, the owners have chosen to follow their instincts as to what would make a beautiful shape.

The lesson we take away from Strawberry’s annual meme is this:  Be unique, be beautiful, be your own snowflake.

Aliens Among Us in Second Life

March 23, 2015 Leave a comment

It is not unusual to hear people talking about avatars in Second Life that look so unlike other avatars one would think they are an entirely different species.

I am not talking about furries, tinies, petites, robots, vampires or monsters, or any of the other unusual avatars found in Second Life.

The ones I speak of are extremely tall, well over seven feet tall, and often beyond the eight feet tall range. They are very thin, like a long exclamation mark. They have long legs that go from here to way up there, elongated slender necks, small heads with defined cheekbones, and pursed mouths. They are humanoid, yes, but they are an unique species unto themselves.

They do not try to hide their alienness from our eyes, but boldly walk among us, proud of their uniqueness. They are graceful and elegant, each and every movement of their bodies is beautifully expressive.

These alien avatars stand so far above us [pun intended] that they stand out in any crowd. They usually mingle with the fashion crowd and do not often cross our paths. But when they are nearby, we stop and watch, curious and with a bit of awe, wondering about life in their world.

Their world is one of glitz and glamour, as this alien species is predominantly found in the modeling business. Often, they are photographers and fashion bloggers, as well. In fact, one of these unique creatures begins her blog by stating outright, “Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan.”

They are alien and they are among us. Our everyday virtual world is enriched by their presence. And only in a place like Second Life can aliens like these feel right at home.

MINI ME at Ample Avi

March 10, 2015 Leave a comment

Recently released at Ample Avi, MINI ME, a curvy little shape. Cute as a button, standing only 5’5″ tall, MINI ME is the newest addition to the Plushy line of shapes at Ample Avi.

But not even this cute little face will get her past the guards on most roleplay or adult sims, where minimum height barricades are erected. Therefore, a Bonus Shape is included in the package, a 5’8″ version of MINI ME. This Bonus Shape is just tall enough to meet the height requirements on any sim she chooses to visit.

Ample Avi - Mini Me 2

Ample Avi - Mini Me

MINI ME at Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape shop. Also available at Ample Avi’s online Marketplace store.


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