No Trick, Just Treat, at Ample Avi

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Ample Avi - Free for Halloween

Ample Avi has gotten into the spirit of Halloween by creating a new shape and is giving this shape away as a treat for Halloween.

MOIRA is very tall, measuring 7’5″, and is perfect for your Halloween Glamazon character. Become an Amazon warrior, a runway model or a professional dancer for Halloween or in your daily SLife with this tall shapely body.

MOIRA - Ample Avi

Stop by Ample Avi inworld today and pick up your new FREE shape. After Halloween, a mod-copy version of MOIRA will be available inworld and at the Ample Avi online Marketplace shop .

The Next Big Thing

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Next Big Thing

Hunts were once a Big Thing. We had hunts for this and hunts for that, itty bittty hunts and big gridwide hunts, hunts to raise money for this and hunts to support that. Until, finally, we became all hunted out.

Then we got Gacha. Everyone had the gacha fever and, like the flu virus, gacha fever became contagious, spreading across the grid, and even mutating into gacha yard sales. We became, quite literally, all gacha-ed out.

Then came The Event, and The BIG Event, and The Even Bigger Event, which led to The Massive Event. Everyone and their mothers showed up for The Event. Designers spread themselves so thin, exhibiting at all the events, that the events began morphing into No-Show Events. And, so, The BIG Events started to become the smaller events. “Another event! Wow, they never seem to end….”  Virtual Evangelical, July 29, 2015.

Yes, some hardy events are still alive and well. The strongest always survive. Like Uber. Uber is run by Truth Hawks, and you can always count on quality at a Truth Hawks event.

And like The Arcade. The Arcade is an unique event that has become more of a “Happening.” You can’t wait for it to happen. And when it happens, you show up. Quoting Cajsa Lilliehook, “What a beautiful Arcade you are….” The Owl and the Pussycat [aka The Ode to the Arcade] June 5, 2015

As each big thing wears itself out [the hunts, the gotchas, and the events], something new takes its place. The clever minds of SL residents are constantly coming up with newer and better Big Things. I wonder what the next big thing will be and when and where it will make its first appearance. Most of all, I wonder if we are ready for the next Big Thing.


Xme Xue – Successful Content Creators in Second Life

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Xme Xue is the owner of Ample Avi shapes in Second Life. Ample Avi has been a popular Second Life brand of avatar shapes for many years, with an in-world store and a presence on SL Marketplace, and is also listed in the SL Destination Guide.

Xme Xue - Ample Avi

In a recent post by Hamlet Au, New World Notes, Xme shared some thoughts for starting designers who want to become successful content creators in a Second Life business. This blog is reprinted, in part, by permission:

First and foremost, you need to define success, as it pertains to you:

For example: One day, I had several visitors to my shop. A few of those visitors bought shapes. And out of those few buyers, one person sent me a note. She stated that she had been in SL for several years and had spent a fortune trying to find the right shape. She said she loved the shape she bought from my shop, and that it appeared to have been created just for her. She also told me to keep doing what I was doing because I was obviously doing something right.

That day, I was a successful creator. My product pleased the buyer, and her note pleased me. On other days, I have had more visitors and sold more shapes but, on that particular day, I felt like a real success.

Marketing is as important as creating:

I actually started selling my shapes from a clothing shop. A friend had a clothing franchise, and she leased a small space in her shop to me. It was during this early period that I realized there was a market void in the area of my product, and I became confident that I could be successful trying to fill that void. And watching my friend run her business taught me that there is more to being a creator than just creating the product. You are also responsible for your own marketing. You will usually spend more time on marketing than you spend on the creation of your product, as your target market is always changing, constantly evolving.

Expect to Make Mistakes; Create Quality; Stick With It:

First, if you want to be a content creator in Second Life, go for it. You will learn most of what you need to know as you go along. Yes, you will make mistakes. I made mistakes early on, and I cringe when I think of them. But I learned from those mistakes, as you will learn from your mistakes.

Second, creating a quality product is essential. Keep revising and updating, as you learn new ways to make your product better.

Third, you need determination, stick-to-it-ness. Do not give up, no matter how long it seems to be taking.

Success Takes Time:

Create what you love and love what you create. Because your love for your product may be all you will have, for quite some time. Unless you create something so different that the SL population sits up and takes notice [and the odds against that are astronomical], there is going to be a period of time between the creation of your product and the time potential buyers find that product. Being a content creator in Second Life can be rewarding. But you may need to spend a few years developing your business before becoming an overnight success.

A time will come when you stand in the middle of your shop, look around, and find you are absolutely thrilled at what you see, even though you have not yet sold your first product nor had a single visitor. That is the day you will know you have what it takes to become a successful content creator in Second Life.”


Crop Tops and Flip Flops

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Crop tops and flip flops – I read this phrase in a blog somewhere, and it has stayed with me.

The phrase makes me think of summer days, warm water tides, salty breezes, bright sunlight reflecting off ocean waves, and sizzling sidewalks that blister the feet were it not for the flip flops

And of young ladies with slim tanned tummies peeping out from beneath crop tops, with big straw hats and large sun shades, and white teeth showing in the easy smiles on their tanned faces

And golden sun in the early morning, streaming through the window, welcome sun, how quickly we shut it out as we draw the drapes to keep out the heat

It is summer here in my part of our small world, beach weather, and a time for crop tops and flip flops.

I am a Blogger

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There is a new fun quiz going around [created by Pho Vinternatt aka photos.nikolaidis] which will determine which type of Second Life person you are [take test here]. I decided to take the quiz. The result? I am a Blogger. The description was nothing like me at all, but the photo was spot on.

I am a Blogger

photo by Torley Linden

But now I am wondering what else I could have been. So, I take the test again, choosing the first answer to each set of questions. “You are a Creator.” Cool.

I take the test a third time, and I choose the second answer to each set of questions. “You are a Sex Tourist.” Yeah!

This is fun. I could do this again and again. But, maybe, I should quit while I am ahead. Next time, the quiz may say, “You are a very confused person.”

I am satisfied now. It is official. I am a Blogger. But I could have been a Creator or a Sex Tourist.

Ample Avi – Summer Sale

June 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Ample Avi - Summer Sale

Ample Avi is holding a Summer Sale during the months of June, July, and August. Shapes which have been marked down are available in the Sales Room, which is on the left, as you enter the store. This Summer Sale extends to the Marketplace, as well.

Once the sale ends on August 31st, everything in the Sales Room will be retired from the inworld store, to make room for new shapes.

And, for those of you who are not yet members of the Ample Avi Updates group, there will be no enrollment fee for joining the group during the Summer Sale period.

Stop by the Ample Avi inworld shop or visit Ample Avi’s online Marketplace shop, and pick up a new curvy shape, or two, while these shapes are still available.

New Ample Avi Shape for Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015 Leave a comment

Today is Mother’s Day in the USA, the day we pay homage to the Mother, our Mothers. In some areas, we celebrate Eve, First Mother, the mother of all mothers.

To honor Mother’s Day, Ample Avi has released a new shape – aptly named Eve – a full bodied, womanly shape, with luscious lady curves.

Eve - Ample Avi

So, send your mother flowers on this special day. Then, do something special for yourself. Pick up Eve at Ample Avi and flaunt your woman-ness on Mother’s Day.

Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape shop, inworld and on Marketplace.


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