Aliens Among Us in Second Life

March 23, 2015 Comments off

It is not unusual to hear people talking about avatars in Second Life that look so unlike other avatars one would think they are an entirely different species.

I am not talking about furries, tinies, petites, robots, vampires or monsters, or any of the other unusual avatars found in Second Life.

The ones I speak of are extremely tall, well over seven feet tall, and often beyond the eight feet tall range. They are very thin, like a long exclamation mark. They have long legs that go from here to way up there, elongated slender necks, small heads with defined cheekbones, and pursed mouths. They are humanoid, yes, but they are an unique species unto themselves.

They do not try to hide their alienness from our eyes, but boldly walk among us, proud of their uniqueness. They are graceful and elegant, each and every movement of their bodies is beautifully expressive.

These alien avatars stand so far above us [pun intended] that they stand out in any crowd. They usually mingle with the fashion crowd and do not often cross our paths. But when they are nearby, we stop and watch, curious and with a bit of awe, wondering about life in their world.

Their world is one of glitz and glamour, as this alien species is predominantly found in the modeling business. Often, they are photographers and fashion bloggers, as well. In fact, one of these unique creatures begins her blog by stating outright, “Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan.”

They are alien and they are among us. Our everyday virtual world is enriched by their presence. And only in a place like Second Life can aliens like these feel right at home.

MINI ME at Ample Avi

March 10, 2015 Comments off

Recently released at Ample Avi, MINI ME, a curvy little shape. Cute as a button, standing only 5’5″ tall, MINI ME is the newest addition to the Plushy line of shapes at Ample Avi.

But not even this cute little face will get her past the guards on most roleplay or adult sims, where minimum height barricades are erected. Therefore, a Bonus Shape is included in the package, a 5’8″ version of MINI ME. This Bonus Shape is just tall enough to meet the height requirements on any sim she chooses to visit.

Ample Avi - Mini Me 2

Ample Avi - Mini Me

MINI ME at Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape shop. Also available at Ample Avi’s online Marketplace store.

Valentine’s Day Red Rose Special at Ample Avi

February 13, 2015 Comments off

Ample Avi has a special treat planned for visitors to their inworld store this weekend, a Valentine’s Day Red Rose Special. A long stemmed red rose will be placed on the photo of a shape, and that shape will be available for only $100, for as long as the rose remains on the photo.

Later, the rose will be moved to another photo, and that shape will be available for $100. Note: the previous shape will revert back to its original price when the rose is moved.

The red rose will be moved several times during the Valentine’s Day weekend [Friday 13th through Sunday 15th], with no set amount of time for the rose to remain on any given shape. So, you have a three-day window to pick up a new curvy shape, or more than one, for a very low price.

Flaunt your curves on Valentine’s Day. Visit Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop, for the Valentine’s Day Red Rose Special.

Valentine Day Special - Ample Avi

Curvy Soft – New at Ample Avi

February 3, 2015 Comments off

Ample Avi, the full figured shape shop, has recently released the CURVY SOFT shape. This shape was a gift in the Peace on Earth hunt last December, and is now available in a modifiable version.

Ample Avi - Curvy Soft

Curvy Soft can be found at both the inworld store and the online Marketplace shop.

Different Strokes … WTH?

January 26, 2015 Comments off

The beauty industry in First Life is a quadrillion, super-zillion dollar economy. People pay untold amounts to remove or cover up freckles, moles, large pores, splotchy or uneven skin — anything and everything that can possibly be done to attain the goal of a flawless looking complexion.

In Second Life, having a flawless complexion is as simple as putting on a new skin.

Ample Avi - Eve shape [coming soon]

But people complain that the flawless complexion is not natural, and they pay untold amounts to add freckles, moles, large pores — anything and everything that can possibly be bought to attain the goal of a natural looking complexion.

Different strokes for different folks, I know that, but sometimes you just gotta say, “What the Hey?”.

Gold Star Yearly Roundup 2014

December 31, 2014 Comments off

It is the last day of 2014. As the year counts down, I find myself looking back through the last 12 months of blogs – not mine, others – and making note of some who have enriched the blogverse this year.

A Gold Star is awarded to:

– Gidge Uriza, for the phrase “Fashion Alliteration” – used when describing items of an outfit which begin with the same letters. “Cherry and Cheetah…they do go together…both start with CH. It’s fashion Alliteration.”

– Grazia Horwitz, for saying what we have all been thinking about the number of events in SL, happening simultaneously and/or overlapping “It’s being too much again… sensory and pixel overload.”

– Marryeel, high fashion or off-the-rack, whatever outfit she puts together immediately presents itself as haute couture

– Vixen Darkrose, for the chameleon-like ability she has of changing her looks.

– Liliandra Baxter, second life tamary, tomomi, Guinevere Kirshner, Allice Attis (she is so cute!), and all those other perky little fashion bloggers who create such adorable looks. I hate that I can never look as cute or as sweet as they do.

– Virtual Evangelical and Neva Seljan, two people who are very comfortable in their avatar skins. “… the true essence of beauty…a woman being unapologetically herself.”
[paraphrasing Steve Maraboli]

– Bloggers who include original short stories in their blogs, thereby giving us an insight into the creative minds behind their blogs.

For example, this excellent story [by Davie Frequency] about robot mourning:

– Kennef Riggles and Digi Stroikavskoi [as stated in group chat]: “life moves fast…sl moves faster…sl never sleeps.”

– Honour Mcmillan, “… who needs drugs when you have Second Life?”

– Chic Aeon, “We have the ability in our virtual lives to be anyone we want to be….We can live in decades that were long gone before our birth, imagine what the future might hold, experience different cultures.”

And, finally, a Giant Gold Star to Ciaran Laval, for saying what we all think each day we log into Second Life. “I’m an unashamed Philip Rosedale fanboi, … the man has a long held dream and it’s one that captivates me.”

That concludes the Gold Star Yearly Roundup for 2014. There is no Gold Star event, so no one needs to think about showing up. Just know that the efforts of these and others have been noticed and appreciated.

And that also concludes the year 2014. Happy New Year, everyone, in Second Life and in First Life!

New Year 2015

Ample Avi – Holiday Gift

December 21, 2014 Comments off

The Holiday Season is in full swing, with the main event happening in four days. Stores across Second Life are setting out gifts under their trees and sending even more gifts to their groups.

Ample Avi has just sent out a new shape to members of the Ample Avi Updates group. This shape is the first in a new line of shapes, the PLUSHY shape. The PLUSHY shapes are more petite, but still quite lush and curvy.

Plushy - Petite Lush Curvy

If your group notices are not working, you can pick up this shape at the Ample Avi inworld store. If you are not a member of Ample Avi Updates, you can purchase this shape at the inworld store or on Marketplace.

Enjoy the Holiday Season with a new curvy shape, from Ample Avi, the Full Figured Shape Shop.