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There Is No Style In Second Life

That’s right, no style.  There is nothing you can point your finger to and say, “Ah, that’s the style for Second Life avatars.”

While waiting at Crimson Shadow’s Lucky Chair, trying to win that lovely new CS Midnight Blue Dress — and waiting — and waiting — I looked around at the way other women were dressed.

Big outfits, little outfits, almost-not-there outfits, long skirts, short skirts, no skirts, silks, Victorian, neko, furry and one girl who came as the “box” avatar — way to go, Alicia, you brightened up everyone’s long wait.

There are no set rules on whether you can wear black after Easter or white after Labor Day, or whether one should wear a day dress or evening wear.  Due to the many time zones for residents in Second Life, what is daytime for one is nightime for another.

Second Life is all about personal style, based on diversity, variety, creativity and personalization.   It is about choice and acceptance.   Each person develops his or her own style, immediately or over time.  And that style is accepted by everyone else as the correct style, the perfect style. 

I thought about taking a picture of all the people gathered at the Crimson Shadow Lucky Chair to show you these differences, but that would only have given you a look at their outward appearance. 

An important part of each person’s style is the way they talked with each other while waiting, joking and laughing as each conspired to bring in friends with the right initials so the letter could be bumped up again, or trying to talk nearby men into sitting on the chair, and the men who would actually take time to sit on the chair and win a dress — taking one for the team, shall we say. 

Now, that is real style, Second Life style.

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