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And they’re off!!

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

A Valentine’s Day grid-wide hunt (Vhunt), organized by Toko Voom of Vain, Inc., kicked off today. People were lining up for start time a full day ahead of time and were spreading out across the grid within minutes of Toko’s signal to go.

The Vhunt will continue through February 20th.

It’s been two months since the start of the massive Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt of last December. For two months, we have been opening boxes, sorting contents, keeping some things, and tossing those things which are not relevant (like large men’s shoes for tiny female feet). We’ve had two months to put the madness of that month behind us.

But are we ready for another grid-wide hunt? Apparently so, because the hunters are out in droves. What can be more fun (or frustrating) than a large grid-wide hunt?

How about two grid-wide hunts at the same time?

Katlene Niven, of Katlene Niven Agency, has also organized a Valentine’s Day grid-wide hunt, the Greatest Love Hunt (GL Hunt). The GL Hunt runs from February 7th – 28th.

With two hunts to cover, the bloggers will be working overtime to make sure everyone knows about the great gifts they can find. Flying IM’s will be stacking up in group chat. Missing links will remain missing.

When people look around, they will see that their world has become very grey and their movements have been reduced to a snail’s pace, and it will be that way for days. But they will laugh about it. All they want to see is a flash of red lips for the Vhunt or a streak of red and gold for the GL heart.

Some hunters will lose their patience, some will be rude. But, for the most part, the hunters will work together to find those red and gold nuggets hidden inside, outside, upside down retail stores in SL.

So, yes, we are ready for another big hunt — for two big hunts. It’s nuts, we’re all crazy, but where else but Second Life can you do things like this? So – – –

Let the madness begin!!

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