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February, the Month for Hunts.


The two grid-wide hunts are now officially over.  If you missed these hunts (is that possible?), never fear.  Hunts are happening all over the grid.  New ones are starting as we speak, and many more are in the planning stages.

Some people say there are already too many hunts.  Can you have too much of a good thing?  I suppose so.  But as long as people enjoy themselves, there will be new hunts. 

So, on with the hunts.  Tally ho! 


 Mick JaggerLast week saw the start of two grid-wide hunts, the Vain, Inc. Kiss Hunt and the Katlene Niven Greatest Love Hunt. Personally, I am about halfway through each hunt.

While on the hunts, I ran into other sim-wide hunts, joint-store hunts, single-store hunts, and hunts which seem to materialize out of thin air.

 February is definitely the month for hunts.

The two grid-wide hunts are free of charge. A number of the joint-store hunts are also free.

However, some places charge a fee. When you need 50 pieces to complete a gift, and you pay $1 for each piece, it tends to add up. Chances are, you are never going to get all 50 pieces, and any money you spend is a waste. That can be very frustrating.

From now on, I’ll stay with the free grid-wide hunts and enjoy the search.

Speaking of the grid-wide hunts, I want to mention the ingenious ways some designers used to hide their packages. Because of the number of stores involved in these hunts, the organizers had suggested that the packages be hidden somewhat “in plain sight.”

Store owners placed them in posters on the walls, where they blended so perfectly you could stand right beside them and not see them. Other owners made the packages part of a store display. You would walk past it several times before spotting the package. Each store owner followed the rule of “in plain sight” but also kept to the sense of a “hunt.”

But the best ones of all are the ones where store owners followed the rule of “in plain sight” and used a sense of humor at the same time.  For instance, on the VHunt, you are looking for large red lips. The picture above is classic – the original “big red lips” guy.  I laughed out loud when I saw this one.

The two grid-wide hunts are also classic.  They are big and produce lots of lag, links fall out of the train, and organizers work around the clock supplying new links to keep the train moving, but the train does keep moving. And the people keep on hunting.

After all, it is February.  And February is the month for hunts.

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