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The World Marches On

Second Life is an ever-changing world. Nothing in this virtual world is static, not even the people who inhabit it.

It seems that almost every week now, we see long-established, successful business ventures closing up shop. Some of the owners are leaving Second Life. They say the real world economy has bled over into their virtual world business, and the profits are not there anymore. Others admit to just being burned out.

We will miss the people who walk away from Second Life. Their creations enriched our lives, their very presence here made us prettier people, inside and out.

But just as many of them are staying inworld; they have merely shucked the burdens of business ownership and opted to enjoy the beauty and fellowship of this ever-changing world, at a much slower pace than before.

But the change that is the hardest to handle in this virtual world are the people who just cease to exist in Second Life — unexpectedly, no reason given, no farewells, no closure. We wait and we watch for them and, eventually, we light a candle for them at the Memorial Park Linden Lab provided to help us obtain closure.

We make new friends. For every business that closes, a new one opens. For every person who leaves Second Life, that many more people will begin their residency in this virtual world.

The world marches on. That is the way it is supposed to be.

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