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ASH – A Powerful Man

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Some women prefer their men to be built strong, solid, with well defined muscles. My preference is for men who are long and lean, toned, like a runner.

Today, I saw ASH at the XXX Addict shop in Zindra, and I changed my preference immediately.

ASH is a powerhouse of a man. Wide shoulders, broad chest, thigh muscles like boulders from the Rocky Mountain slopes in Colorado — and, yet, there is a quiet gentleness in his face.

ASH is on the second floor of the XXX Addict shop in Garland. Give him my regards.

ASH - Powerful

View the full line of bare skin photos on the wall at XXX Addict.
XXX Addict – Become Addictive

If you are not age verified or account verified and cannot visit the XXX Addict shop on the adult continent, then check out XXX Addict on XStreet to see other photos of this bare skin body.

XXX Addict – XStreet Marketplace

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