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A December Tradition

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tomorrow is the first day of December and everyone knows what happens in December.

No, I’m not talking about Santa and Christmas.  I’m talking about another tradition, a tradition in Second Life.

December 1st is the start date for the 2009 Peace on Earth grid-wide hunt (POE2).   Sequoia Nightfire has been working on this hunt since the day the 2008 POE hunt ended in January of this year (brave woman!).

As you may recall, the 2008 Peace on Earth hunt was the biggest one of the year, with so many designers involved, that people thought it would be the hunt-to-end-all hunts. 

Not so!  A whole batch of hunts spawned throughout this year, large and small.  But still, SL residents waited for THE BIG HUNT.  And now, the waiting is over.

Starting December 1, 2009 through January 2, 2010, people will be out and about throughout the whole SL Grid, searching for an earth-like globe, filled with creations by some of the most unique designers in SL.  Just click on any of the POE2 signs to get the starting location for the hunt.

You can read all about the hunt, and get updated information all during the hunt, at the POE2 blog:

So, put your snow boots on, or your running shoes if the weather is warm in your area, and get ready to participate in a December tradition in SL.

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