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A Little Bit of Magic – Again

I stopped by Magic Avi Shapes today and spoke with Mhaze Magic, owner, about her opening day last weekend. She stated that she was pleased with the response to her very tiny (4’7″ to 5’5″) female shapes, and that the opening-day-get-acquainted-FREE-shape would be available through this weekend

So, take a moment and run by the Magic Avi shop and pick up that adorable little FREE shape, while it is still available. See information below, previously posted last week:

A Little Bit of Magic – at Magic Avi Shapes

What is tiny, pink, absolutely adorable, and FREE?

Her name is BITTY. She’s 4’7″ tall, and every inch is packed full of child-like cute and playful.

Magic Avi Shapes specializes in small fantasy characters – fairy, fey, sprite, pixie, or tiny human. Yesterday was their first day of business. And as a get-acquainted gift, they are giving out a free shape, BITTY.

Stop by Magic Avi today and pick up BITTY. She’s perfect for all your small female characters, fantasy or human.

Magic Avi – Put a little magic in your Second Life.

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