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JIM – Remembering the Lizard King

Hello, I love you
Won’t you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you
Let me jump in your game.

Jim – an awesome presentation of male sexuality.

Pheromones encoded in every limb, barely hidden, a masterpiece of pure seduction

Jim has an unique look, one that sets him apart, a striking look that attracts attention, and a spirit and attitude to keep attracting.

For an interesting and memorable moment, say hello to Jim, and experience the mind-glow of watching him walk away.

Jim – at Addict Shapes Shop in Monti – 96, 121, 126

Addict Shapes Become Addictive:

View the full line of bare skin bodies at XXX Addict Shapes,
Garland 187, 51, 30

If you are not age verified or account verified, visit Addict Shapes Shop in Monti 96, 121, 126,

or visit XXX Addict Shapes on XStreetSL to see other photos of this bare skin body.
XXX Addict – XStreet Marketplace (Enable Mature Content)

Shape is Mod/Copy.

* The Doors
Waiting for the Sun album

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