I am a dedicated shapes addict. Whenever I see a new shapes shop or a new shapes designer, I go pick up a demo – or two. Sometimes, I even buy one.

But I always go back to my own shape – my body, my face, the look that is “me” – the shape I have been working on for three years.

Today, I walked into a new-to-me shapes shop, FIGURE, and picked up the free shape by the door – her name is Ainoha (on the wall, just inside the shop).

Excellent tall shape, nice profile — I like it. It may take me a while to get used to being this tall, but it looks good. With a few tweaks, the face will look just like me.

But, of course, the free shape is No Mod – I understand that. But I could not find a Mod/Copy version for sale anywhere. Tsk-tsk — don’t tempt me with a juicy morsel unless you will sell me the whole meal.

I looked up the owner, Estela Parx. She’s a professional model in SL, and she’s gorgeous. Her profile is filled with accomplishments, the kind of list a young girl reads and thinks, “That’s who I want to be when I grow up.” Very impressive. No wonder this shape is so well made.

This is me wearing that shape – with my skin, my hair – no mod, no edits (obviously). But as soon as I can find the Mod/Copy version, this will be my new default shape.

I never seriously thought I would ever change my shape. Go Figure.

Ainoha shape at FIGURE – Main Store

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