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Just say she was someone Lord so far from home
Whose life was so lonesome she died all alone.
Who dreamed pretty dreams that never came true
Lord, why was she born so black and blue

Some people are born damaged; others become that way as they travel through life. Many of us are affected by these damaged people in life, either directly or indirectly.

The Black & Blue Fair has been organized to raise awareness of the various forms mental illness can take [e.g., addiction, bipolar, depression, panic, phobia, etc.], and the damage it does to the victim and those around him/her.

To show their appreciation for you taking time to come by and show your support, designers have put out a large number of quality bargain items for sale — clothing, shapes, poses, jewelry, skins –and some items are free.

I’ve been to the Fair three times now, and each time I find new things have been added. I go to show my support, yes, but I also go to pick up great bargains.

So, take a moment to show that you care. Visit The Black & Blue Fair. Open until July 3rd. Support the people who support the cause.

*Kris Kristofferson – Epitaph (Black and Blue) for Janis Joplin
The Silver Tongued Devil and I – 1971

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