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The first week of the POE3 Hunt is nearly over. Traffic has been heavy at the lower numbered stores, as people work their way through the list of participating shops. Addict Shapes is #63 on the list. And in its globe, Addict Shapes has place two shapes, a male and a female.

SNAKE: Some people dislike the way snakes look, the way they move. But others appreciate the beauty of an animal so well designed it has been around for millions of years.

SNAKE – well designed, dangerous, deadly — hate him or love him, you won’t forget the way this SNAKE moves and the way he looks.

ATOMIC – Set your clock to Atomic Time – the sensual curve to her waist and hip, with black, tousled hair and kissable mouth — it is time for the A-bomb.

Shape only. Mod Copy. Style card enclosed.

Addict Shapes Become Addictive:

Mature Sim:
Addict Shape Shop
Monti 96, 121, 126

Adult Sim:
View the full line of bare skin bodies at
XXX Addict Shapes,
Garland 187, 51, 30

SL MARKETPLACE: (Enable Mature Content)

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