Ejected and Banned – Paranoia in Second Life

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

December has been a month of hunts, and my friends and I have been visiting as many of the places as we could find time to visit. Some of us have gotten new avatars under the new one-name system, to use in business, and we have been taking them on the hunts. Hunts provide skins, hair, eyes, clothing, shapes, whatever you need to get a new avatar up and running.

A recent hunt took a couple of us to a shapes shop, where the owner sells curvy shapes. I sent a note to other friends, telling them to come and check out the place. They came. Some picked up the gift and left. Some joined the group. A couple even bought another shape from the wall.

Imagine our surprise as, one by one, we found ourselves ejected from the group and banned from the store. Why? I am not sure, other than the fact that one friend makes and sells shapes, petite shapes, and, perhaps, the owner was afraid my friend was in the shop to spy.

Then, the owner must have checked our profiles because friends who never visited the shop were also banned. Just wait until a male friend finds out that he has been banned by a woman he never met from a shop he never visited!! He will not be amused.

This designer advertises herself as being the only one in Second Life to make these curvy shapes. And she recently put out one of her first modifiable shapes. So, I suppose, she thinks everyone will want to copy that shape.

But there are other designers who have been making and selling the same type of curvy shapes for a couple of years before this designer joined Second Life. My friends and I plan to take our business to these other shops now.

My advice to designers of shapes — don’t go into other shape shops. Don’t participate in hunts. Other designers will need to come to your shop to get the next hunt landmark.

And skin designers — don’t attempt to go near another skin shop. And, Heaven forbid, that you might actually like a skin or shape created by someone else. If you wear a competitor’s design, you may be accused of trying to steal the design.

I’m glad I don’t make shapes or skins. I like to change my look often. And I like going on hunts.

Ejected and Banned – what a way to start out the New Year!

  1. January 4, 2011 at 1:54 am

    thanks for post !!!

  2. Penguink
    January 2, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Kind of sad really that someone is so afraid of their competition that they ban them and their friends just for visiting.
    Someone who was going to steal their designs wouldn’t use their business account anyway.
    Content theft is a serious issue but banning shoppers over the thought of maybe them copying something seems a bit counterproductive.

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