MOTD – Get in Shape

January 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Get in Shape, or find a new one for your avatar for the new year. That is the Message of the Day from Linden Lab. A good place to start your search for a new shape is Addict Shapes in Monti, where you can find shapes like these:

ASH is a powerhouse of a man. Wide shoulders, broad chest, thigh muscles like boulders from the Rocky Mountain slopes in Colorado.
ASH - Powerful

This bad boy is sexy and raw. One glimpse and your heart will pound a little quicker.
Korn - Smoking Hot

The slope of the back, the curve of the loins, the firmness of the thighs – Torn oozes vulnerability and sexuality.

Slightly larger sloe eyes, fuller mouth, generous lips, higher cheekbones – a sumptuously sexual shape.

Addict Shapes Become Addictive:
Shape only. Style card enclosed.

Addict Shapes Shop
Sim Rating: Moderate (Mature)

View the full line of bare skin bodies at
XXX Addict Shapes,
Sim Rating: Adult

SL MARKETPLACE: (Enable Mature Content)

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