MAGICAL HAIR at the Fantasy Faire

I received a package today from ShaNoodle’s Hair. Shawanna Snoodle, owner of ShaNoodle’s, has set up a store at the Fantastical and Magical sim at the Fantasy Faire, which opens on April 2nd.

I was not familiar with ShaNoodle’s Hair, so I did not know what to expect when I tried the hair. Well, I am here to tell you that my mouth dropped open. This hair moves! I don’t mean that it moves with me — it moves all by itself. It dips, it flows, it swoops. For 15 minutes, I sat and watched this hair, totally fascinated. Then, I hopped on a pose stand so I could take pictures of it.

Shawanna creates life-like hair for mer creatures, hair that flows behind a swimming avatar. When asked how she started designing hair like this, Shawanna said that a mermaid’s hair is suppose to flow with the tide of the water, but she could not find anything like that for her mermaid avatar.

Shawanna felt she lacked the creativity to do what she wanted, but she asked around about what kind of script would move hair in the manner she envisioned. Then, she made a couple and gave them out to her friends. They loved them. [I can see why.]

ShaNoodle’s Hair is only available on the SL Marketplace. And for two weeks, it will be available at the Fantasy Faire [Search for “Fantasy Faire Central” on the map, April 2 – April 10].

This is Shawanna’s first year to participate in the Fantasy Fair. Her reasons for participating in this campaign to help cancer research are very personal. Having lost her husband to cancer in 2008, Shawanna wants to give a little of herself to help the American Cancer Society cure or manage cancer better.

So, give a little of yourself, too. Stop by ShaNoodle’s Hair at the Fantastical and Magical sim.

For further information, visit the FFC Fantasy Faire 2011 website.

Or contact Captain Ember Farina or Co-Captain Zander Greene in SL
or by email –

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