HONU (Sea Turtle) – Fantasy Faire 2011

It is said that hawaiian jewelry brings you happiness. The delicate beauty of the
Honu (Sea Turtle) Necklace is sure to bring you happiness each time you look at it. Honu is a part of the hawaiian memory of Salfa Merlin, creator of this lovely jewelry.

Salfa is participating in the Fantasy Faire 2011, on the Fantastical and Magical sim. She lives in Japan and states, “Japan is suffering from earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear fears. Now I cannot ignore cancer.”

Join with Salfa and the other merchants at the Fantasy Faire, in their efforts to help Friends Fighting Cancer meet their goal of raising $20,000 USD for Relay for Life. The Fantasy Faire opens April 2nd [Search for “Fantasy Faire Central” on the map].

Visit the Hidden Treasure of Dragon store on the Fantastical and Magical sim. Purchase the Honu (Sea Turtle) Necklace. Included in your purchase are male and female versions of Honu. Matching earrings are also available, and can currently be won in the Lucky Board at the Hidden Treasure of Dragon main store.

Hidden Treasure of Dragon is also available on the SL Marketplace.

For further information about Fantasy Faire 2011, visit the FFC Fantasy Faire 2011 website.

Or contact Captain Ember Farina or Co-Captain Zander Greene in SL
or by email – FantasyFaireSL@gmail.com

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