Choose your fantasy genre — Fairy, Elven, Magic, Mermaid, Goth, Demon, Vamp, Neko, Micro, Steampunk, or Sci-Fi. For the next six days, you can find them all in one place – at the Fantasy Faire. This nine-sim event is produced by Friends Fighting Cancer for the Relay for Life of Second Life.

Start your fantasy journey by teleporting to “Fantasy Faire Central” to pick up your FREE Welcome Kit.

Using the teleport board at Central, teleport over to the Fantastical and Magical sim. Your first stop, The Arcanum. Pick up the Wishmaster Spell HUD, the most highly regarded spell HUD in Second Life. It will protect you on your fantasy journey.

A fantasy journey requires the right clothing. Stop by Mystic Hope and choose from a wide selection of roleplay-yourplay clothing. In the RFL vendor is a beautiful violet outfit, called Anfaela.

Your next stop, ShaNoodle’s Hair, for magical animated flexi hair, lovely colors to match your Anfaela outfit.

Now, you need the newly-released Fantasy Glow Eyes at Ibanez.

Next, stop by Hidden Treasure of Dragon and pick up the Honu pendant – male and female pendants included – something beautiful for yourself and your beloved, and contribute to the fight against Cancer at the same time.

Perhaps, you want to become something other than human – a tiger, mermaid, bee, crocodile, or a horse. At AX Anthro & Fantasy Avatars, you can choose an otherwordly shape to continue your fantasy journey.

Did we forget anything? Not to worry – there are eight more sims to be explored. You will surely find what you need in one of them.

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