Things I Hate in Second Life

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Store Closing – Sale!
I get a notice that a store I have not heard of before is having a closing sale. I pop over to check out the sale. OMG, I love everything in the store. I only have a few days to buy everything. I do not have enough money to buy everything. I hate this store for closing.

Flexi Hair – Not!!
I read about a new hair release. It is all over the blogs. And it is gorgeous. So, I run over, buy the demo, plop it on my head, and – NOTHING!

It does not move when I turn my head. There are no wispy wisps to blow around my face in a windy sim. It does not swing when I dance, flow behind me when I run, or cover my face when I look down.*

It is great hair for photos, yes, but it will not work in daily SLife. I hate this store for creating beautiful styles which I will never buy.

Blue M&M’s – Huh?

I hate it when I buy a bag of M&M’s and half of them are blue. Blue is not an appealing color for chocolate candy. So, I throw the blue ones away. Oh wait — M&M’s are in real life. Still, that does not change the fact that I hate blue M&M’s

* Oh, by the way, for the best movement of hair in Second Life, buy “Winter” at Analog Dog (unisex style). Or, if you want long hair, buy “Milli” (I have both styles in all colors available). Milli is incredible on the dance floor. Try a demo. You will see what I mean.

Analog Dog is currently having a sale on older styles. It is a good time to stock up on Winter and Milli. Here is the exact location for both styles. At landing, follow the “Sale” signs to the back side of the island, and go to this position.

Things I Do Not Hate in Second Life – Analog Dog, Winter and Milli.

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