Peace on Earth on Christmas Eve

December 24, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Peace on Earth Hunt is in its fourth week now, with about 10 days to go. There is plenty of time to do the hunt, from start to finish.

I still do the hunt in my own way, by cherry-picking for shapes, skin and hair. POE4 does not print the names of the stores, so I read blogs, listen to group chat, and sift through locations and clues to find what I want. Yes, I know, it would be easier to do the complete hunt, but my inventory cannot stand another not-absolutely-needed item.

The ROCKBERRY globe is the easiest one to find — bless Heather Beebe’s heart, she always puts it out in a very visible place. This year, her hint is: “not hidden, on the desk.” How beautiful is that! So, Rockberry is always the first place I visit, and I leave with a great gift and a good feeling about this store.

You can read all the hints, and get updated information during the hunt, at the POE4 blog:

Now, I must run – NORAD is tracking Santa’s trip, and the latest report is that he has just crossed the Atlantic. And since I live on the East coast of the States, he should be here any minute — yeah, like I’ve been good enough that he will stop here?? Not likely!!!

Happy Peace on Earth Hunting, and good will to all mankind and beasts.

  1. Sequoia Nightfire
    December 26, 2011 at 4:00 am

    Thanks for the post Kyng! Glad you are enjoying POE4. While i understand your choice to “cherry-pick” we choose to not publish the names for POE for a simple reason. Each year we introduce new designers and we want to be sure they can be discovered. I find among the comments each year how much certain people express their gratitude for discovering a new and exciting designer they might not have seen if they had been given a list to choose from.

    Merry Christmas and wishes for the Happiest of New Years.

    Sequoia Nightfire
    Founder of the Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt

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