Blogs for Linden Lab – Hmmm.

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Linden Lab has put out a call for bloggers, people to blog the ins and outs (ups and downs?) of Second Life. Now, I love Second Life, and I love talking about it. I have thought about sending in a post for review. But am I qualified to send blogs to Linden Lab?

Is blogging regularity a qualification? Well, I am not a regular blogger. When something strikes my fancy, I blog about it. I do not post pictures daily, to keep the traffic up on my blog. And I am not nearly as dedicated as the on-schedule bloggers who keep the feeds alive and well.

Is longevity a qualification? I’ve been in Second Life for four years, but I am just a babe-in-the-woods avatar compared to people like Steller Sunshine. Steller has been here since Day 1. In fact, she was the very first avatar in Second Life. What a mark of distinction!

Steller is also the creator of the massive beanstalk on the Welsh sim. It is one of the original builds in Second Life which is still standing. Take a moment and visit the beanstalk. Then, take the Bean Stalk Climbing challenge. If you can get to the top without falling, using pure skill alone – no flying or scripts allowed – make an appointment with Steller to witness your achievement. She pays good money to anyone who succeeds. Practice! Practice! Practice!

There is also a Tic Tac Toe game by the Beanstalk. I tried to play the game by myself, but it kept telling me I needed a partner. Is the fact that I tried to play it alone a point in my favor, or a point against me, when qualifications are determined?

Are possessions a qualification? I have accumulated a massive inventory, but I lose out to some of the fashionistas who have stated publicly that they have upwards of 100,000 items in their inventory. How do they ever find anything?

How about a sense of humor, a touch of the irony? Are they good qualifications? If so, then, I would be a shoo-in! Hmmm.

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