To Post or Not to Post?

September 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was going back over my list of posts today and found 10 posts which never made it out of the draft stage. A couple became obsolete, for various reasons, after they were created. Others — well, I actually thought I had posted them. Oh, well, C’est la vie.

I have decided to post those that are still relevant. Begin Post:

“The Eyes Have It.”

Eyes are like skin and shapes in SL — everyone makes them, but some people make them better. There are cheap eyes and expensive eyes, big eyes and small eyes, natural eyes and way-out-in-left-field eyes. Whatever your preference is, you can find the right eyes for your shape.

I have been wearing the same eyes since my first week in Second Life – Extreme Lilac from Avalon Design, designed by Vilem Beaumont. They look good, they fit my personality, and they are purple. Kool. But my look has changed, the blogs are full of really good eyes, and it is time to go shopping for something different.

Lano Ling. When you say those two words, everyone knows you are talking about one of the top creators of eyes in Second Life. Incredibly beautiful, completely realistic, handpainted eyes in great colors. Lano Ling – Poetic Colors.

Umedama Holic – umetar Mayo, designer. I am instantly taken by the natural look of these eyes — I want all of them — but the “moist” eyes are the ones I cannot pass up. I bought the only shade of purple they had in these moist eyes – Wysteria.

Emortal EyeZ by photographer Mcooter Graves — you can always count on professional photographers to have a good eye for detail. Graves’ Expressive Series is incredibly detailed and realistic, with new texturing from the base to highlights, reflections and shading. But not one shade of purple in the series — an oversight by Mr. Graves?

So, I am choosing from one of his previous releases — Indigo Glass, Amethist Glass or Purple Passion. Well, purple is my passion, so Purple Passion it is. The iris in these eyes appears to be an unusual shape, caused by a reflected spot of light on each side of the iris. It creates both a startling look when viewed straight on and a completely natural look when viewed from the side. Purple Passion — I believe I have found the eyes I will wear for the next few years.

End Post.

UPDATE: Since this post was first drafted, two other designers have impressed me with their collection of eyes, IKON and Insufferable Dastard. I will follow up on those in a later post.

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