Paranoia Runs Amuck [Amok] in SL.

October 3, 2012

Paranoia is running amuck in the design field of Second Life. At times, the paranoia is justified (just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you). Other times, like the example below — well, you decide.

I have a friend (let’s call her Jane) who is a compulsive shopper. She buys, seldom tries, and periodically dumps her overflowing inventory. Wave a freebie under her nose and she will follow you anywhere. And while there, she will usually buy three or four other things before she leaves your shop. Don’t get the wrong impression. Jane is a nice lady with a very sharp business head. She just loves to shop, excessively.

Today, while on a shopping spree, Jane stopped at a shapes shop, picked up the freebies, and bought a shape. She then continued with her shopping and buying, buying and shopping. But before she got home, the owner of the shapes shop IM’d her and accused her of being a spy and a thief.

Why? Jane just recently took over the business part of a shapes shop (shapes for small people) which belongs to a friend. Her friend will continue to make the shapes, but does not have time for the business matters of the shop. Jane’s business accumen and her friend’s shape-making skills are a perfect match. Jane updated her profile to reflect this new partnership.

After the owner of the shop accused her of being a spy, Jane immediately deleted the shape, the freebies and the landmark from her inventory. Chances are, however, that Jane would never have gotten around to wearing the shape. Most things in her inventory are never worn.

The owner of the shop had asked Jane why she didn’t just come in as an alt to steal the design. The answer is simple — she did not come to steal. She was just shopping. Jane did not stop to think that she could no longer randomly purchase the things which caught her eye, that there might be a perceived conflict of interest.

Jane has vowed to never go shopping in Second Life again. I had to laugh. If she does not shop, she will burst! But the joy she receives from shopping in SL will never be quite the same.

The moral of this story is, don’t jump to conclusions. If someone steals your design and puts it up for sale, that is the time to act — not 15 minutes after someone purchases something from you.