Riding the Rails in Zindra

In November 2009, the monorail in Zindra was completed, and I took a ride on it the very first day. I had thought the monorail would be somewhat like the elevated train in Chicago, but it is a much more futuristic design.

When you go to one of the stations in Zindra and press one of the big green buttons — here’s where the futuristic part comes in — a big mechanical arm reaches up into a building beside the rail, grasps a pod-shaped vehicle (the “car”), and puts it on the rail in front of you. You click on the car, sit down inside, use your keyboard arrows to control the movement, and off you go!

The Monorail has a roller coaster feel, as it dips and turns, climbs and drops — not recommended for those who get queasy at heights — all the while giving you a great tour of the Zindra business district.

While visiting Zindra today, I decided to ride the monorail again. The first car placed on the rail was upside down. I could not rez another car while this upside down one was in the station, so I hopped inside, upside down, and the car took me to Mosh Central, where it immediately dumped me on the ground.

I then called up another car and it arrived rightside up. We were moving right along (pun intended) until we arrived at a sim which was offline, and the car stopped. Out of my window, I could see pathfinding vehicles dropping off the edge of the sim and into the nothingness. I thought my monorail car was smart to have stopped until it, too, decided to move off the edge of the sim and into the nothingness, with me still inside.

The monorail seems to have picked up a few quirks since its inception. It still gives a great tour of the business district of Zindra, but there is an element of surprise involved now. So, if you like surprises, next time you go to Zindra, hop on one of the cars and ride the rails.

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