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Cherry-Picking the Peace on Earth Hunt [POE5]

November 8, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last year, I blogged about cherry-picking my way through the Peace on Earth Hunt, by going only to certain places for certain things. Sequoia Nightfire, founder of POE, gently chided me for this, saying that I have missed many unique places by doing it that way. So, this year, I am going to try and do the whole hunt, start to finish.

Am I more patient this year than I was last year? No, not at all. But this year, a little helper will be going with me on the hunt. Its name is “Area Search.” I will seriously try to find the gift myself — honestly, I will. But before frustration sets in [around the 20-minute mark], Area Search will point me in the right direction.

Area Search has become my best friend, my mind-saving device. It helps me quickly locate and view items of interest in┬ábig, full-sim sized┬ástores, the ones where you land in the middle and have no idea which way to go to find what you want. Area Search is especially helpful in those annoying “no-fly” sims.

Area Search keeps my frustration in check. It may even cure me of my cherry-picking hunt habits.

For more information on the POE5 hunt, which starts on December 1st: POE5 blog:

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