Old Habits Die Hard [POE5]

December 1, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

POE5 - small

Day 1 of the Peace on Earth Hunt [POE5]. I was heading for the starting point when something pulled me offcourse, and I ended up at ROCKBERRY.

ROCKBERRY has always been my starting point, mainly because of Heather Beebe’s “It’s not hidden, it’s in plain sight” method of presenting her gift. She puts a smile in my day.

This year, she is giving the lovely Skyler skins. You don’t want to miss out on these skins. And, trust me, the gift is not hard to find.

Rockberry POE5

I had said I was going to do the complete hunt this year, from start to finish, and not cherry-pick my way through it. But old habits die hard. So, my pre-starting point was Rockberry, and I will now officially begin the hunt at the official starting point. That is not cherry-picking, is it? Really?

Well, wish me luck in avoiding another relapse into those old habits.

Hunters, you will be looking for a small Globe with three doves on it, like the one in the photo above. Hints for the hunt are available on the POE5 blog site.

And the “official” starting point is at SEQUOIASTYLE.


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