POE5 – Amacci Does It with Style.

December 3, 2012

A friend in SL is a member of the Amacci group (Carina Larsen’s). She called me up, said she had just gotten a notice about Amacci’s POE5 gift, and told me to rush over to Amacci. “You have to see this,” she said [I could hear the laughter in her voice].

I teleported to Amacci, followed the dove path, and this is what I saw:

Amacci - POE5

I just stood there and grinned. Amacci has the fireplace, the photo sign, and the red arrows pointing to the POE5 gift, and the gift is resting on a red velvet cushion. What a nice way of saying, “Here’s your gift, enjoy.”

This is what the POE5 hunt is all about – giving a gift and making people smile.

Way to go, Carina!

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