New Year’s Eve – Inventory Dieting

New Year’s Eve – Resolutions for the New Year – Number One: Keep my inventory on a strict diet during 2013.  It is currently in desperate shape, bulging at the seams.  The shape-up begins with purging thousands of skins. I could never wear all of them, even if I changed skin on a daily basis.

Kyng - 2007

Kyng – 2007

Time to delete all those 2007 skins, which I was so proud of at the time – with the exception of the Earth skin by Gala Phoenix. The Earth skin worn in the above photo was my first major purchase in 2007. I like to wear this skin sometimes, just to see how much I have changed. Surprisingly, not much.

2008 was the year I discovered Symphony Skins by Claire Harford. Oh, the luscious lips on her skins! Symphony Skins is still my first-choice skin today.  Add Symphony Skins to the “KEEP” section and delete all other skins from 2008.

In 2009, I fell in love with the Hope skins by Tuli [Tuli broke my heart the day she discontinued this skin]. Add the Hope skins to the “KEEP” section and delete all other skins from 2009, 2010 and 2011. Some great skins came out in 2012 – I’ll leave this year alone, for now.

Demos – OMG, I still have skin demos from stores which no longer exist!  And demos from skins I have already bought. And no-mod shapes which came with the skins. And face lights which came with the skins – no longer needed.  Delete everything.

Hair – Mercy Me, time to delete all the hair demos and hair, with the exception of ETD [by Elikapeka Tiramisu].  I will never get rid of the flexi hair I bought from ETD in 2007 and 2008.  And Analog Dog [by Queue Marlowe] in 2009 – the Milli and Winter styles remain my favorites to this day.  All the rest, bye-bye!

Houses I will never live in, cabins I will never vacation in – trains, planes and automobiles – delete all of these. Clothing from the days when I changed outfits every day – what fun I had – what unnecessary baggage now – delete, delete.

As the clock ticks down toward midnight, I continue deleting my way through the years — thousands and thousands of items go into the virtual bit bucket.  The clock strikes Midnight.  I step back and view my new slim, trim inventory.

It is now 2013. 

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