POE5 Ends – And the Winners Are:

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The 2012 Peace on Earth Hunt is over. Awards are in order for those who made this year’s hunt a success (for me and, maybe, for you, too).

Best Advice from Others Award:  The award goes to the BLOGGER who said to search five places each day.  The hunt lasted 37 days, there were 200 stores participating, at five per day = well, you do the math.  It worked out beautifully.

Most Ingenious Clue Award:  PRISM Designs. Clue: “hiding by the object that has two hands but no arms, and a face but no nose.”

Prism - clock

Honorary Mention: BOHO HOBO. Clue:  “Do Ray Me Fa So La Tee Do. (Sung backwards, you’ll hear the clue in the middle)” = So Fa = Sofa.

Most Enjoyable Hiding Place Award: AMACCI. It is obvious Amacci understands the spirit of gifting during the holiday season, and knows how to do it with a sense of humor.

Amacci - POE5

Tradition and Consistency Award:  ROCKBERRY – It is always a pleasure to visit a store that freely and generously gives, year after year.

Special “Walk This Way” Award : ARTIZANA

Walk right up this wall, Folks!

Walk right up this wall, Folks!

Lifetime Achievement Award:  This award goes to SEQUOIA NIGHTFIRE for pulling the grid-wide hunt together for the fifth year (with bonus points thrown in for maintaining her cool during the entire time of the hunt).

Honorary Mention:  To all the POE ELVES who worked tirelessly to help Sequoia, so she could get a wee bit of rest during the long, long month of the hunt.

Finally, the Better-Late-Than-Never Award:  To ME, for actually completing the hunt – any hunt – for the first time.

Well done, Winners, one and all.

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