CopyBotters and Ugly Avatars

This is Xme Xue. She creates those lovely full figured shapes at Ample Avi.

Xme Xue bw signed

This is also Xme Xue. She is wearing her default Linden Lab avatar.

Xme - Default Avatar

Xme – Default Avatar

Xme used to wear her Ample Avi shapes while shopping inworld, to see how the shapes are received by people she meets, basically, giving the shapes a trial run before putting them up for sale. But she had to stop wearing her shapes inworld because of copybotters hanging around the events she liked to visit. In fact, she gave up shopping inworld entirely and only shopped on SL Marketplace.

Then, Xme read about a blogger whose shape had been copybotted, and who had created an ugly avatar to wear while shopping. Xme decided to do the same. But she was not happy in that ugly avatar, so she went all the way back to the default avatar she wore the first day she visited Second Life. Of course, she tweaked it a bit, but it is basically the same default avatar. So, if copybotters want to copy this shape, all they will get is the same shape most people already have in their library.

One of the great joys of Second Life is creating a beautiful version of our own self, but what is the use of having a great shape if you cannot show it off?

This pleasure in our shape has become tarnished, as we need to be looking over our shoulders to see what the other person is doing and moving away whenever a person comes close. We get in and we get out quickly, no longer stopping to make new friends. The real ugly avatars are the copybotters, but they force us to look ugly and act ugly.

  1. March 23, 2013 at 1:39 am

    The shape I usually have is one that A) is tweaked to allow large prim breasts, so the chest proportions are all wrong compared to the hips, shoulders, and bum. B) It is also very muscled, in a way that you can’t get the female shape to work without taking advantage of a small bug. So, if someone copybots my shape, and then tries to edit it to fix the boobs? the muscles will shrink down, and it’ll be a standard substandard shape.

    That said… it’s based on the Vitruvian shapes, available as copy/mod for free inworld, or a Linden each on MP. So whoever’s going to all the trouble to copybot? could pick them up for a song if they just went looking.

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