Xme Xue – Hacked Email Account

aa - you have been hacked

I received a note from Xme Xue [owner of Ample Avi] today. Apparently her Yahoo email account has been hacked, and a spam message was sent out to everyone in her address book. Yahoo noticed the unusual activity and blocked access to her account. Unfortunately, it was too late to stop the spam messages.

Xme is closing out her email account, and has spent the day writing letters of apology to each of the people in her address book.

Obviously, Xme is not a happy camper today. As she stated in her note to me, quoting:
“I hope there is a special place in Hell reserved for malicious hackers, griefers and copybotters.”

FYI – Xme has a new Ample Avi shape which she had planned to release to the Ample Avi Update group this weekend. It is a bit different from her usual style. Xme said she may be a few days late with the release, but she is closing her update group on Sunday, in anticipation of the release, and the group will remain closed for two weeks.

So, stop by Ample Avi and join the group while you can. You won’t want to miss this shape.

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