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Normal in Second Life – Update

A few months back, I blogged about people’s differing opinions of what is considered “normal” for Second Life avatars [original post]. Included in that post was a link to a place which offers FREE avatars, beautiful and unusual avatars which would hardly be considered normal by any standards.

I recently revisited the site. The location is aptly named Delicatessen, as it offers a smorgasbord of visual delights. Delicatessen is still as dark and murky as ever, with little light and many shadows, and the impression of things lurking just out of reach. There are 26 FREE avatars available, by 22 different creators, avatars like these:

MetaBody 1

A few things have been added since my last visit, or I just did not notice them previously. Be sure to look for the Meta-Body II sign, click on the “click for a URL” button, and you will receive a folder of Meta Body II landmarks.

The Stage 3 landmark places you right in the middle of this fascinating build.

Meta Body 3 - SP

The Stage 4 landmark drops you in front of this unusual creature. I got the feeling that if I stayed around very long, I would become dinner for this one. I quickly moved on.

Meta Body 6 - WM

The owners of this collection, Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu, have invited you to create your own version of these meta-body avatars and add it to this collection. So, stop by, enjoy the current collection, then add your own interpretation of “normal” in Second Life.

Delicatessen – Meta Body II

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