Missing Planet.World of SL

October 11, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

A few years back, there was a great blog feed, “Planet.WorldofSL.” It was not a fashion feed, but a community feed. When you wanted to know what was happening in SL, you checked Planet.WorldofSL. Anyone who was “Anyone” fed into Planet.WorldofSL.

planetlogo  - planet world of sl

In one place, you could read the latest from tech saavy bloggers, developers, and Lindens; keep up with the antics of FanBoys, griefers, and copybotters; witness the rise and fall of many different virtual worlds, and the rise and fall of many independent viewers for the virtual world community; and view extraordinary creations found by virtual world travelers.

Planet.WorldofSL was rich with photos, and topics guaranteed to start verbal battles. It was a window to the world of Second Life. In time, it became a window to the whole virtual world community. Planet.WorldofSL pulled us all together, made us into a close-knit online community.

Then, Planet.WorldofSL shut down. I did not realize how much a part of my life it was until it was gone. Suddenly, I was lost, cut adrift, no longer part of the whole. For a while, I searched out the blogs that had fed into Planet.WorldofSL, trying to keep current by following all these different blogs. But no matter how tech savvy each blogger was, I was getting only one person’s opinon and did not have the balance of other viewpoints, the way it had been with the Planet.WorldofSL feed.

Now, we have a new community feed, LIVING SL. Many of the bloggers who fed into Planet.WorldofSL are being syndicated by Living SL. Others are not yet there — like, Prokofy Neva, Gwyneth Llewellyn. Or, have I just missed their first post? And will any of the Lindens post to Living SL?

I recently used the WayBack Machine [a digital library of Internet sites] to find a copy of Planet.WorldofSL, dated August 9, 2006. I enjoyed re-reading the page, it made me feel like I had come home.

I am glad to see a new community feed, but I still miss Planet.WorldofSL, after all this time.

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