The Blog Feeds Skimming Game

October 27, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have been reading different fashion blog feeds for about six years. But they do not seem to appeal to me lately. More and more, the style for blogging seems to be no text, just pictures and style cards, pictures and style cards, and titles which have absolutely nothing to do with the blog, but seem to be some secret message to some unknown person(s).

Some time back, I found that I had started skimming the feeds. My only rule was that, a blog without text would be skipped. After a while, I was skipping most of the blogs.

However, I have always stopped for Aria E. Appleford/Bliss Windlow. Her blogs are fun, and funny. The fashion is there but, even without pictures, the text would make the stop worthwhile.

And Tymmerie Thorne, her slightly off-the-wall humor is always worth a stop-see.

I also slow down for Chic Aeon, Cajsa Lilliehook, Harper Beresford and Gogo. They take the time to present text-information with their pictures. Good fashion, good reading.

But I come to a complete stop for Virtual Evangelical. She has such an unique look. No one looks quite like her. I would probably stop at her blog even if she never printed a word. There is always one exception to every rule, and her blog is that exception.

Now, I realize a blog belongs to the blogger, and that person can do anything he-she wants with it. And I fully defend his-her right to post all photos and no text, just as I defend my right to post a blog which is all text and no photos — like this one. And just as I support my right to skim right past the no-text blogs, I support your right to skim past a no-photo blog.

After all, skimming the blog feeds, like blogging itself, is a game without any pre-set rules. You set your own rules for your Blog Feeds Skimming Game.

CAVEAT: Having said all of the above, I will stop at any blog if I see the color purple, like this blog by Lexia Barzane. Purple makes me happy, too.

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