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PEACE ON EARTH Hunt – again.

November 30, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometimes, an event is so big that it brings bloggers out of the woodworks. You can count me as one of those bloggers who spends a lot of time hiding in the woodworks. But I cannot let this event go by without helping to spread the word.

The event I am talking about is the Peace on Earth Hunt (POE). This is the sixth year for this annual holiday tradition.


Producing the biggest and best grid-wide hunt of the year is a monumental task, and Sequoia Nightfire’s willingness to tackle it never ceases to amaze me. [I think she must lock herself away in a closet for the rest of the year, conserving her energy for just this event.]

The POE6 hunt begins in a few hours [December 1st]. So, if you are a die-heart hunter, or simply in the mood for unique gifts from 200 generous designers, then you do not want to miss this hunt.

This is the starting point. Go forth, my hunter friends. And while you are unwrapping all your new gifts, say a special “thank you” to Sequoia Nightfire for making it all possible, again.

You can read all the hints, and get updated information during the hunt, on the POE blog.


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