Waiting, Watching and Wishing

December 24, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Standing here, waiting and watching, and putting the final items on my Wish List. The cookies and coconut milk are set out by the tree, and I will leave this list on the table with them.

tinsel christmas


1. I wish skin designers would sell the skins they create for special events, after the event is over. I have missed a number of fantastic skins because I could not get to the event, or simply did not have enough money at the time.

Belleza has a wall in their shop for skins they create for events. I can go to Belleza afterwards and pick up the skin I missed. And Pink Fuel is good about putting up special event skins in the shop.

Glam Affair makes really good fantasy skins for events, and I have missed some that I would like to have had. I am perfectly willing to pay a bit more to buy these skins later, if only I could find them in the store.

2. I wish stores would not discontinue items. I recently discovered the folder containing my favorite older skin was no longer in my inventory. I went to buy another copy and found that it is no longer being sold. [Yes, I know, the new skins are ten times better than the old skin. But the old skin helped create my best “me” look. It is the one I want.]

A number of stores have addressed this issue by creating “outlet” or “discount” stores behind their main stores, where they sell older items at a lower price. Or if they don’t want to use the prims on their land for this, they put the older items on Marketplace. Either way works for me.

3. I wish all designers would label their items as liquid mesh, mesh, sculpty or prim.
Not all of us are looking for mesh all the time. Many times, I want another specific type. I especially wish Marketplace would require all items to be labeled as such and would limit search to the type of item I request.

4. I wish Second Life would start giving out last names again, either a names list, like before, or a last name which I choose.

5. I wish Philip Rosedale was still a Linden. When I think of all the times we made life hard for him at inworld meetings, I wish I could go back and tell him how much I appreciated the fact that he took the time to show up for those meetings.

6. I wish I had joined Second Life a couple of years before I did. I joined in 2007, but just think what memories I would have if I had joined in 2003 or 2004, when everything was new and full of promise.

Most of all, I wish I had been good enough this past year that some of the above-listed wishes would be granted. Still, one must never give up hope. So, I stand here, waiting and watching, and wishing.


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