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A Hunting We Will Go … or Not.

February 22, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Remember this? Remember the big red lips? This photo was taken in February 2009. It was the first big grid-wide hunt, the Vain, Inc. Kiss Hunt.

Mick Jagger

This is the one that started the hunt madness in SL. And it was a lot of fun. Apparently, other people agreed, because an avalanche of hunts followed thereafter.

Back then, I liked going on hunts. I never finished any of them, but I enjoyed them just the same. Later on, I changed my mind completely. I lost my patience with those who felt a hunter should have to work hard to get the gift, those who went out of their way to hide them in impossible-to-find locations. There are stores I have not visited in years because of the tearing-my-hair-out frustration I experienced on one of their hunts.

I recently finished the sixth annual Peace on Earth Hunt in January. And after all the loose ends were tied up and the hunt put away for another year, I still support this grid-wide hunt. No HUDs are required for this hunt, and there has never been a charge for the gifts, not even one cent. I like it when people keep things simple.

So, I have not changed my thoughts on all hunts, just the majority of them. Maybe, there are just too many hunts. Or, maybe, I have become jaded. After all, I started hunting five years ago.

But one never knows the future. This new year may bring a hunt which attracts me like a moth to a flame, and a hunting I will go … or not.


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