Release the Kraken!

Ebbe Linden, CEO of Linden Lab, has stated that Linden Lab employees are being encouraged to spend time in SL. He is, in essence, releasing the Kraken* [the Lindens] upon the residents of Second Life.

But before he throws the gates wide open, it might be wise to become familiar with just exactly what image these employees are showing to the world, and what the employees are saying about Linden Lab by their appearance

Previously, when the Lindens did roam Second Life, one Linden, in particular, would appear in a dominatrix outfit, leather, chains and all. What does this say about the kind of company Linden Lab is? Now, this Linden was a very nice, helpful person, but the outfit was a bit beyond the pale when that employee represented Linden Lab in business matters.

Business 101 – Dress for Success: Appearance is Everything.
Ebbe Linden seems to dress politically correct – casual or business wear – as the occasion requires. So, I have faith that he is vetting his employees, to include their appearance and SL profiles, to see who they are when they are in SL.

Most of us have alts to do the wild and crazy things we want to do. The Lindens also have alts. In their off hours, the Lindens are not Lindens, per se. They are just regular residents, like all of us. They have a right to be whoever or whatever they wish. But special interest groups and hobbies should be restricted to the alts, and not carried over to the Linden avatar.

Because when you are a Kraken (in this instance, a Linden), you need to look like a Kraken and behave like a Kraken.

So, go ahead, Mr. CEO, if they are ready for us, we are ready for them. Relea-s-s-s-e the Kraken!

*Kraken – mythical creature, esp. Norse mythology

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