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Swiss Cheese People in Second Life

At a fairly crowded event in SL recently, I noticed that about half the people there were either naked [mesh clothing would not rez] or in pieces [mesh parts did not rez]. When I see people in pieces like that, it makes me think of Swiss Cheese, with a hole here and a hole there. Now, Swiss Cheese may look great on a sandwich but it does not look so great on an avatar.

For example, here I am strutting my stuff in all my mesh glory. My lovely little mesh dress and my gorgeous mesh feet rez beautifully in my viewer.

Swiss Cheese - mesh 1

But other people may see me like this, even those with mesh-enabled viewers.

Swiss Cheese - mesh 2

Swiss Cheese - mesh 3

Put these all together and I have become one of the Swiss Cheese people in SL. But if I am going to be a Swiss Cheese person, I much prefer a bit of uniformity in the holes in my body.

Swiss Cheese - Freme

Rubby Clip created a classy “holes-intended” avatar, the Freme Girl avatar, for the Meta Body II exhibit at Delicatessen in Porto. It is a complete avatar and it is free. However, to create the neat look in this photo, I used only the Freme Girl red and blue skin and the Freme Girl alpha with my own body shape.

I will never have to worry about mesh rezzing again. And although I may be one of the Swiss Cheese people in SL, it definitely looks great on my avatar.

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