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Posting a Few Thoughts [the Widget Shuffle]

September 24, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

How did everything become so difficult, when all I wanted to do was just post a few thoughts?

This is what happened. I decided to update my blog, and give it a fresh new look. I started by adding a Destination Guide link with photo. At least, I tried to add the Destination Guide link.

Now, this should have been easy. I have done it before, a couple of years ago. First of all, the Destination Guide gives you the code you need. All you have to do is paste it into a simple widget, and drag it to the side bar. Easy, right?

But when I went to the widgets section, I was in for a shock. There were pages and pages of widgets available, some I had never heard of, some I knew but had never used, others I had no interest in learning about or using.

I tried deleting the widgets I did not want, and ended up deleting half the things I already had on my blog sidebar. I could not find a way to put in the new infomation I wanted or to even put back the information I had lost.

In desperation, I changed my theme back to the simple theme I had used in 2008. I thought I could make all the changes I wanted there. Well, surprise, surprise! My original theme had been updated and now had the same pages and pages of unknown and unwanted widgets.

So, I switched back to my latest theme and, thanks be to the muses of blogging, most of my missing information in the sidebar had returned. At that point, I decided to quit and just be grateful for what I still had and not worry about what I had lost.

Of course, after all this shuffling back and forth, I had no idea whether my links and feeds still worked. So, if you do not see this post, then you will know my feeds are not working. And I will have to start this whole crazy widget shuffle all over again.

But, again, I ask, “How did everything become so difficult”? Oh, how I long for those days of yesteryear, when blogging was simply a matter of connecting with a blog muse and just posting a few thoughts.

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