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The Euclidia Space Planetarium will soon be going up for sale.

Euclidia Space Planetarium

The Planetarium is designed to educate and entertain SL residents about astronomy and celestial navigation. Simply follow the footsteps and visit the multiple levels for a stylized view of this vast galaxy.

The galaxy is located inside this floating sphere, which has a revolving ring around it. There is a small platform between the sphere and the ring, and you can actually step outside the galaxy onto this platform. But I must warn you, you may experience a touch of vertigo when you do this

Euclidia Planetarium 2

Owned by Hazelee Haller since 2007, the Planetarium has been run as a not-for-profit site, supported entirely by donations. It is listed in the Destination Guide and has always had good traffic, especially from newcomers to SL.

Hazelee stated that she would like to see the Planetarium continue to delight SL residents for years to come. Therefore, she would prefer to sell the property privately to someone who intends to keep the planets in their orbits.

Visit the Euclidia Space Planetarium. And if you are interested in owning your own galaxy, contact Hazelee Haller to discuss terms.

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