Aliens Among Us in Second Life

It is not unusual to hear people talking about avatars in Second Life that look so unlike other avatars one would think they are an entirely different species.

I am not talking about furries, tinies, petites, robots, vampires or monsters, or any of the other unusual avatars found in Second Life.

The ones I speak of are extremely tall, well over seven feet tall, and often beyond the eight feet tall range. They are very thin, like a long exclamation mark. They have long legs that go from here to way up there, elongated slender necks, small heads with defined cheekbones, and pursed mouths. They are humanoid, yes, but they are an unique species unto themselves.

They do not try to hide their alienness from our eyes, but boldly walk among us, proud of their uniqueness. They are graceful and elegant, each and every movement of their bodies is beautifully expressive.

These alien avatars stand so far above us [pun intended] that they stand out in any crowd. They usually mingle with the fashion crowd and do not often cross our paths. But when they are nearby, we stop and watch, curious and with a bit of awe, wondering about life in their world.

Their world is one of glitz and glamour, as this alien species is predominantly found in the modeling business. Often, they are photographers and fashion bloggers, as well. In fact, one of these unique creatures begins her blog by stating outright, “Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan.”

They are alien and they are among us. Our everyday virtual world is enriched by their presence. And only in a place like Second Life can aliens like these feel right at home.

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