Avatar Digits and Snowflakes

April 28, 2015

Strawberry Singh has put out her annual call for personal avatar digits, the Digits Challenge – Take 5.  And once again,  photos and numbers are pouring in.

Avatar Digits

Now, there are a number of tutorials, rules and tools available to help one make the perfectly proportioned avatar.  But it is obvious from the digits which are being posted to the Digits Flickr Group that people have tossed all the rules and tools out the window.

The wide range in numbers people have used to create their avatars is mind boggling.  There are tall avatars with “0” height, and tiny avatars with “100” legs, large heads on small bodies, small heads on tall bodies, and every conceivable combination of numbers that could not possibly work together.  And yet, the numbers do work.

The shapes we see in this meme are as uniquely different as snowflakes.  No two are the same.  When it came to creating their avatars, the owners have chosen to follow their instincts as to what would make a beautiful shape.

The lesson we take away from Strawberry’s annual meme is this:  Be unique, be beautiful, be your own snowflake.