I am a Blogger

June 12, 2015

There is a new fun quiz going around [created by Pho Vinternatt aka photos.nikolaidis] which will determine which type of Second Life person you are [take test here]. I decided to take the quiz. The result? I am a Blogger. The description was nothing like me at all, but the photo was spot on.

I am a Blogger

photo by Torley Linden

But now I am wondering what else I could have been. So, I take the test again, choosing the first answer to each set of questions. “You are a Creator.” Cool.

I take the test a third time, and I choose the second answer to each set of questions. “You are a Sex Tourist.” Yeah!

This is fun. I could do this again and again. But, maybe, I should quit while I am ahead. Next time, the quiz may say, “You are a very confused person.”

I am satisfied now. It is official. I am a Blogger. But I could have been a Creator or a Sex Tourist.