The Next Big Thing

September 27, 2015

Next Big Thing

Hunts were once a Big Thing. We had hunts for this and hunts for that, itty bittty hunts and big gridwide hunts, hunts to raise money for this and hunts to support that. Until, finally, we became all hunted out.

Then we got Gacha. Everyone had the gacha fever and, like the flu virus, gacha fever became contagious, spreading across the grid, and even mutating into gacha yard sales. We became, quite literally, all gacha-ed out.

Then came The Event, and The BIG Event, and The Even Bigger Event, which led to The Massive Event. Everyone and their mothers showed up for The Event. Designers spread themselves so thin, exhibiting at all the events, that the events began morphing into No-Show Events. And, so, The BIG Events started to become the smaller events. “Another event! Wow, they never seem to end….”  Virtual Evangelical, July 29, 2015.

Yes, some hardy events are still alive and well. The strongest always survive. Like Uber. Uber is run by Truth Hawks, and you can always count on quality at a Truth Hawks event.

And like The Arcade. The Arcade is an unique event that has become more of a “Happening.” You can’t wait for it to happen. And when it happens, you show up. Quoting Cajsa Lilliehook, “What a beautiful Arcade you are….” The Owl and the Pussycat [aka The Ode to the Arcade] June 5, 2015

As each big thing wears itself out [the hunts, the gotchas, and the events], something new takes its place. The clever minds of SL residents are constantly coming up with newer and better Big Things. I wonder what the next big thing will be and when and where it will make its first appearance. Most of all, I wonder if we are ready for the next Big Thing.