Peace on Earth Hunt at Ample Avi

December 20, 2015

The annual Peace on Earth grid-wide hunt [POE8] has just finished its third week. It has two more weeks to go, ending on January 9, 2016. Take a break from your busy holiday schedule, in Real Life and in Second Life, and visit participating stores, anywhere you see this sign.

POE8 - 2015

While following the hunt path, be sure you take time to visit Ample Avi and pick up TANGO RED, a new classic avatar shape created by owner, Xme Xue, especially for the POE8 hunt. The helpful hint to find TANGO RED’s hiding place is,”Time to find a curvy shape.”

TANGO RED - POE8 Hunt Gift

TANGO RED, at Ample Avi, the full-figured shape shop.