2015 Blogger Gold Stars

December 31, 2015

The 2015 Gold Star Judging Panel has now been convened. All three judges [Me, Myself and I] have reviewed a countless number of blogs, for an untold amount of hours, and the following are our choices:

* Gidge Uriza – tops the Gold Star list for the second year in a row, with the following statement: “There is a lot of time to think, in the silence left behind when there is no net.”

* Gillian Galicia – a Gold Star for the blog title, “Life is Short; Wear Cute Shoes.”

* Rehanna Seljan – a Gold Star for the quintessential model-blogger. Her style ranges from current fashion to far out there ensembles [way, way out there]. She does not hesitate to take herself to the extreme, but remains always stylish and elegant.

* Hikaru Enimo – a 24K Gold Star for a very unique style of photography. A tip of the hat to him for the originality of his photos and to the creative muse who inspires them.

* Aria E Appleford [also known as Bliss Windlow] – a Gold Star for her irreverant approach to every matter under the sun. “Ignore reality whenever possible. Live in your own world where everything is in its place and makes perfect sense to you.” One never knows just how serious this blogger is, whether all is tongue-in-cheek, or whether the blog is the product of a slightly bent outlook on life. Either way, this blogger has earned a pocketfull of starlight for the way she brightens our day.

* Mareau Grau – a you-go-girl Gold Star for the blog title, “I am under no obligation to make sense to you.”

* Hephaesteon, also known as Davie Frequency [2nd year] – a Gold Star for the original short stories included in his blogs. The stories are not so long as to deter from the post or to lose our attention [and everyone knows our attention spans are short]. “Zim-bangs and Wozzols, Glow-Zants and Shimmer Scarabs … they glowed, buzzed, flew, played, and in all other ways were amusing….” May 3, 2015.

* rainbowmubble – a Gold Star for an unusual photo style. With obvious attention to staging and detail in the layout of the photos, each photo is an artistic creation which intrigues and fascinates.

* Liliandra Baxter – a cute-as-a-button Gold Star for being, what else, adorably cute, and always blogging from the heart.

* Tymmerie Thorne – a Gold Star for her offbeat approach to all things SLife. Oftentimes informative, and always fun, when Girl Wonder speaks, we listen.

* Strawberry Singh – a Gold Star for a blog that is interesting, informative, instructive, challenging, and enjoyable. If bloggers were superheroes, this blogger would be named “LEXICON” and her superpower would be her command of the written word.

* Daniel Voyager – a Gold Star to this traveling owl, for his coverage of events in SL and other virtual worlds. Whatever happens, whenever it happens, this roving reporter keeps us up-to-date and informed.

* Darrius Gothly – a Gold Star for the term “mud-brain mode” Quote: Basic human nature says that when we humans are confused, we tend to run around in total mud-brain mode. Unquote.

* Hamlet Au – a Gold Star for his willingness to tackle any subject which catches his interest, pro or con, regardless of how often the Fire of Hades rains down on his head [and it often does].

* Serene Fairey – a wish-I-could-do-that Gold Star for creative avatar presentation, for the blog photos Scissorhands, a work of art which would be at home on any art gallery wall.

** Leticia Riddler and Phoenix Wemyss – two Gold Stars for a blogging style [photography, lighting, and excellent blog titles] which will keep you paging through their site.

* Liv Haalan – a Gold Chameleon Star for versatility. It is hard to put a label on this blogger’s style, as each photo is as different from the last one as it will be different from the next one.

* Inkie Loudwater – a Gold Star for a blog site that is just right. A scroll through past blogs is an enjoyable and informative read, providing a thumbnail view of a self-described Second Life shopaholic. Pixel Styles is a good addition to your Favorites list.

* Taleah Mcmahon – an outstanding photo Gold Star. Sometimes it happens, one particular photo catches your eye and you spend the next few hours going back through the pages of the blog, and you marvel at the way this blog quickly becomes a favorite. The photo is “Smoke on the slopes” and the blog is Second Life Snapshots.

* a Black Star to bloggers who do not have a “search” button on their blog sites, especially those who say things like “previously blogged,” thereby forcing you to go through months of blogs to find the information being sought.

* And, finally, the GIANT GOLD STAR goes to SeraphimSL for their coverage of SL sales and events. SeraphimSL posts a photo of the event item, tells you the cost and, more importantly, tells you exactly what is for sale [very helpful in these days when all parts of the body are sold separately, and it is often difficult to figure out just what in the photo is being sold].

You no longer need to fight the crowds to see designer offerings. Simply wait for SeraphimSL to do the gallery of photos for the event, and then go directly to the things you want. “There is a lot to be said for a pleasant shopping experience” [quoting Virtual Evangelical] and SeraphimSL makes every shopping experience pleasant.

And that is the end of the 2015 Gold Star lineup and also the end of the year 2015. Happy New Year, 2016.