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Celebrating the Body Electric – Rez Day Retrospect

January 29, 2017

Today is my Rez Day, the tenth anniversary of my Second Life day of birth — or, my day of creation, if you will.  The tenth anniversary of anything in this fast-moving, ever-changing virtual world is an event to be celebrated.  At the very least, it is a time to look back and recall significant moments of the previous ten years.

A time to recall the first jerky steps on Day One, then running, and learning how to fly. The thrill of First Flight, soaring with the birds, and dragons, and Pegasus, and all manner of unusual winged creatures sharing the sky. And falling from the sky, hitting the ground [Ouch!], picking myself up, dusting myself off, and flying right back up into the sky again.

And to remember falling into a lake and walking across the bottom without a thought about breathing or drowning, or getting wet. And learning I could pass through concrete walls like they did not exist.

And dancing, as part of a crowd or with someone special – dancing for hours, never tiring, never missing a step — oh, the joy of dancing!

There is not a great deal of difference between my first photo and my current photo.


Kyng Johin - 2007

kyng johin - 2017

But trust me, this avi has been tweaked and polished, and molded into someone who can be anyone, who can go anywhere and do anything, someone who can kick butt, take names, and build a house, all at the same time, without getting a hair out of place or even chipping a nail.

Today, I celebrate my body electric, my virtual world avatar, my alter ego.   Ten years of my 3D existence in Second Life – ten years and counting.